Breathe Campaign is Losing Its Lungs

People are inconsiderate of other’s health

By Peter R. Clark   Entertainment Editor, Photo by Jordan Daniels   Opinions Editor

The Breathe Campaign.

At its core, its goal was to promote a healthier campus by making it tobacco free. However, since its inception, I don’t believe that it’s working.

The problem is, I rarely see any policing  of the people who smoke. There are no smoke areas on campus anymore, so instead everyone smokes anywhere and everywhere they want; like when they walk to class, behind pillars, around corners or in the parking lot. 

They are everywhere and I am getting tired of it.

The Breathe Campaign only works if there are people to enforce it.

I am getting tired of walking to class and having smoke blown in my face, or smelling it as I walk to my car. These individuals are incredibly inconsiderate for the health of the people around them. I don’t smoke, and I don’t want to ever smoke. Therefore, when I am forced to inhale it because some idiot wants to light up before class, it infuriates me.

Now you might be asking right now, “why doesn’t he just say something?” 

Well, this is where the bystander effect comes in. I have this notion in my head that smokers are confrontational people and in an effort to avoid confrontation, I don’t say anything. Instead, I write an article for people to read. Passive aggressive? Sure, but as I said before, I hate confrontation.

Do I think the Breathe Campaign is working? No. 

Through all my observations, I think it is failing. I’ve seen more people smoking now than I saw before the campaign began. It could be that whole notion of, “Now that it is illegal, I must do it.” But that’s just my opinion, and without sufficient research, I can’t back that up.

All I want is for smokers to be policed more because, without telling people it’s not cool to smoke, the campaign will go nowhere. It makes the school look good on paper, sure, but being good on paper is not going to cut it. 

My health matters and I want to be healthy. I want to breathe, so this needs to be better enforced. 


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