Area Man Encounters Humorous Situation in Everyday Life

08 June 2011


By Jeff Bridges, Actorvan

Local friend Jeff Bridges, Actor recently experienced a comical situation when driving his van in Southern California. After waking up in a haze, Bridges, Actor found himself lost. He rolled down his window and asked the nearest lady for directions. “Excuse me miss,” Bridges asked amiably, “where am I?” Van Nuys,” she replied.

This, readers, is where the humor begins. “Yeah, I know the van’s nice, but where am I?” Bridges, Actor replied, unaware of the mutual misunderstanding. “No,” the lady replied, “you’re in Van Nuys.” “Yeah I know I’m in a nice van, but I really need directions,” Bridges said, still oblivious. Anyway, I don’t have to tell you it was a very funny happenstance, and the back and forth banter continued for some time. Bridges, Actor then drove his van off in a huff. “It was frustrating at first, but I can laugh about it now. I’d like to publicly apologize to the young lady and thank her for her help,” Bridges told the press. “My friends really got a kick out of this story. What a dope I am!” Bridges said as the members of the press in attendance laughed to themselves. “It’s like a modern day ‘Who’s on First’ bit,” one reporter said, “I can’t believe that happened. I’m belly laughing.”

After the anecdote made a splash at the press conference, Bridges then took his humorous story to a local party he was definitely invited to. For a whole Bridges was kind of the party, getting handshakes and backslaps for his story. The party triumphantly rose Bridges on their shoulders, chanting “An-ec-dote, an-ec-dote.” Bridges raised his glass to propose a toast when another partygoer butted in. “Ha, that reminds me of something that happened to me the other day…” He then told a story of how he found some abandoned jorts on the sidewalk, and through an unlikely happenstance, the jorts were returned to their rightful owner. “The jorts, of course!” said the partygoer as the other attendees dropped Bridges from their shoulders.

Today, a mighty man has fallen, but it is this reporter’s opinion that his story

will live on forever. The jort story guy died. See ya.


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